The photos I posted on the forum have vanished!


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Well, Folks,
It looks like that one cannot post pictures directly to the forum from one's computer. In place of my photos, I have shared a rectangle with the tag I used on each image. When I click on the rectangle, I see: "The selected attachment does not exist anymore." Can someone explain why this happens?

I am a member of several forums, and unless I request that a photo be deleted, the picture is there to stay. Do I have to use an online platform to post images? I appreciate any help you can provide.
Well John,
I have the same problem, posting photo's directly from my computer does not work anymore..
And, with the problem with Photobucket asking for a lot of money to keep them on line a few years ago, those have gone too.
Now I use Like my bavarian M15 pictures I posted a while ago.
It works good, but usually I like posting pictures directly on forums.
I am a member on a lot of forums, where this works fine, but not here.
So here, I use postimages.

I hope this is of any help to you.

Greetings, Coert.
Hi Coert,
Thank you for confirming what I suspected. I back my my stuff on line; now I have to figure out the best platform to utilize to post to this forum.
Best regards,
Brian is trying to get the problem fixed - see ‘Photos NOT working again’ in General Site Information.

Yes tech support is aware of the problem and is going to hopefully deal with it. There are also going to be some major changes coming here. The system platform is antiquated and not supported. Basically if something screws up our tech has to go in and try and find it on his own. More up to date systems are upgraded continually, monitored and offer their own tech help. So if something goes wrong, our tech speaking "techese" :) can talk/converse with the system's tech and solve the issue. To sum up...our tech support hopefully is going to solve the picture problem, then we/he are going to switch "systems", upgrade and go from there. There will also be a small yearly membership fee, to help pay for expenses.

I think you'll save yourself and Tony and whoever else is managing to keep things going a lot of time and energy by imposing a membership fee. I'm a member on the GHW2 forum and a couple of years ago they struggled a bit before imposing a membership fee. They may have lost a couple of members as a result but to be candid they probably weren't adding a lot anyway.

Anyone who posts here gains access to a lot of knowledge and expertise; that is surely worth a small fee to keep this venue open. If you can afford to collect pickelhaubes etc. you can spare another couple of bucks to keep this terrific forum going.

Just my thoughts.
I agree with this. In fact, we spoke some time ago about membershipfees.
I contribute every year to this forum's costs, so I wouldn't mind being a paying member, with a yearly fee.

It might even keep out the spammers we are seeing nowadays, and get the real pickelhaube, and other enthusiasts regarding our mutual hobby in as great a community like it has been for me.

Keep up the good work Brian. :thumb up:
Thanks Steve and Coert, for your support and donations, much appreciated as always. Yes, we can get rid of spammers which is a pain for Tony and myself every day. Next, we eliminate the unfairness of a few members, less than 12 who donate year after year to help me keep this forum going. There have been donations of $100+ by individual members, amazing! While others give nothing year after year. As we all know, nothing is free in life but I have tried to keep this forum free for many years. Unfortunately, our photo problems and other instability issues are probably the result of my decision. However, we are now obviously at a turning point, where the forum has to be modernized, brought up to date to eliminate these problems and all members are going to benefit in the end. This is where we are at... one lone individual/s, Tony, Logan, myself, Joel can't keep this going on. As usual the technology has gone way beyond where we started, so we have to catch up. Simple! :)
Thanks for the advice and discussion about improving the forum's website. :thumb up: I'm all for throwing in more $ to upgrade the website, especially if we could recover all the pictures currently unavailable. Seeing that I'm pretty much a newbie, I will defer to those who have been on the forum longer to determine the appropriate course of action to remedy the current problem.

However, would there be enough businesses that sell in this area of collecting to desire to sponsor this forum? US Militaria Forum has several sponsors that advertise and can still operate voluntary donation basis for its members.

Several USMF sponsors sell items that members probably purchase from regularly—just some thought from the cheap seats. :wink:
Best regards,
Thanks for the suggestion John and in fact I had a conversation a few months back with the largest CN militaria dealer in Toronto who I have known for decades. He is on board to pay for an advertising banner if we decide to go that route.