Toggle for fangschnur on ersatz tin tschapkas


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Just curious, did all tschapkas have a hole in motarboard for a toggle for the securing cord? Possibly late in the war the saw no use on a tin model? I think I have seen a few on the internet lacking this. Thanks
Yes all Tschapkas have a hole on the motarboards. I am not sure if they change the rules for the tin model but all be 1915 model has a hole. The leather mortarboard of the earlier version also has the hoot attached to the top.
Yes my tin top M-15 Prussian tschapka has one with leather thong.
Not sure if the "t" piece is leather or wood , I need to check.
From what I have seen the leather that comes out of the top of the mortar board has a small wooden
peg for enlisted men
This is to secure the fangschnur
I will photo taken from the Age of Kings website