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Hello everyone,
Recently I have found these two helmets in an auction. The first is a KR2 enlisted, the second is a GdC or GKR reserve officer. Both look okay to me but there are still some things I am doubtful about. The KR2 has double drill holes where the spike is attached, and the back ridge looks a bit strange, it extends into the spike base. I think the spike may be a repro.

The GdC/GKR looks completely fine to me, but the Prussian cockade seems to have black paint/lacquer(?) on the silver ring. The black velvet in the back seems to have been replaced.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Your doubts are correct. At least the silver helmet is a reproduction. The rib on the back of the helmets was no longer pressed in on the M1889.
But it is a very good one. The shell is maybe puzzled together from original parts, based on a M1867 with parts from a M1889.
The officer helmet looks good for me but I would have doubts because of the other helmet.
Same helmet some years ago in a book.
Thank you very much. That explains a lot.
Personally I don’t like that book, as the helmets shown are almost all “over” restored.

The auction is on Thursday in Germany. Unfortunately, many of the helmets have been reworked. I'm curious to see what results they achieve.

Best wishes,

Many of the items are from a reenactor who was also a collector. Unfortunately, he killed himself several years ago.
The auction house added some descriptions yesterday.
I hope to auction some of the uniforms from him. I knew him, the uniforms will fit me. The uniforms are all reproductions.
The tailoring and detailing for the uniforms is amazing considering they are reproductions.
Auktionhaus Wendl. The helmets and other military items are listed on the 22nd February Auction.

Here's a link to the page where they start:

Thanks for your reply much appreciated. (y)

I always like to watch auctions and see current sale prices and see how close my appraisal would have been. Sometimes you never know you may just find something special. regards John Josef