Ulanen Regt. 16 Tshapka


Dear Friends
please find some pics of my enlisted Ulanen Regt. 16 Tshapka.

not in mint conditions but " dans son jus " as I like.

I would also like to include two photos of the posters that children hang on the balconies and windows in these difficult days for Italy.

All the best



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Nice Helmet and sweet and encouraging child paintings :bravo:
Wish you all the best in Italy and also the rest of the World. Be strong and stay healthy till they find a cure :bravo:


thanks for your most welcome wishes!!
we are certainly on the right track but it will be long and difficult!!


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All the best from me too! We here are also expecting a complete lockdown here, Had a press conference from our governement this evening.
But the Prime minister wasn't there, so tomorrow, when he is making his statement we are expecting that lockdown like you have in Italy.

In fact, I am at home now, because I have symptoms so got sent home from work last Thursday... But we will get there, I am sure.

Have a nice sunday!

You have a very nice collection of schirmmutze, and I like the Ulan Tschapka too! Very cool pieces verdun16!

Greetings, Coert. :bravo: :thumb up:


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Love that musician tschapka, congratulations verdun !! Stay safe until things get better.

Tony without Kaiser

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Marvellous UR16 M1867 Ulanen Tschapka!

I've have its twin, but a man who could not play an instrument. :-({|=

Link: http://www.kaisersbunker.com/dunkelblau/helmets/dbh32.htm