Unkown regimental marking, any idea ???


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Hello everyone, I found a regular Prussian M15 helmet with unusual marking.
I hope that you might help me out for I haven't got a clue...

The marking is ( in mine opinion ) L.E.G.II
The helmet also has a very need markers mark and is dated 1916..P1570437.JPGP1570436.JPGP1570435.JPGP1570434.JPGP1570433.JPG


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I agree with Bob. In black/white you can see more clearly that it starts with „1.“ instead of „L“


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Could it be something along the lines of of ersatz grenadier regiment? Looking through Jeff Nolls book I don't see many other possible combinations


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"E" often stands for Eisenbahn.
Perhaps this helmet was used by a railway battalion.
Just a thought.

John :?


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Helmet was made in Brieg / Brzeg (20 kilometers from Wroclaw / Breslau).
This has for sure something to do with the silesian GR11 which garrison was Breslau.
This could be the 1. E.(rsatz Bataillon) G(renadier) 11.

The GR11 had two Ersatz Bataillonen, one in Breslau, the second in Neumarkt / Schlesien (Sroda Slaska)