UR 13 Decorated officer

PLM what can I say. A picture that captures the time perfectly. Thanks as always for sharing

we can narrow him down to four possibilities from 1899 (when the guard eagle was introduced) until 1914. He wears a Johanniter Ehrenritterkreuz at the throat. He was not one of the regimental commanders during this period and presumably one of the following four UR 13 field officers who held this decoration during this time frame.

Major von Alten
Major von Uechtritz und Steinkirch
Major von der Wense
Major Freiherr Knigge.

I will check to see if I have images of any of the gentlemen this evening to try and narrow the search.

Thanks Glenn,
Here is a photo of a Rittmeister Knigge from a Reservistenbild of the 4th Esk in 1899. (seated right behind the keg) It seems he was the Squadron commander at that time. I think there may have been multiple officers with that name in the Regiment at the time. There does seem to be some resemblance.