Using Imgur for Photos

Peter B

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Thought I would add a simple "how to" on using Imgur to post photos.

Imgur is free and you can sign up here:

Here is a picture of my page on Imgur:


Once you have an account just click add more images and then you can drag and drop the photos:


Once you have a photo just hover your mouse over the photo and then click the three dots and then click get share link (do not click copy link):


Then click "Get share links"


"Copy Link" for BBCode (Forums):


Then just paste that link in the text box when you are composing your post.

Hope this helps a few members.

Thank you very much for the hint. It works very well, I did the same for my post, only used flickr as photo-storage.
But I really hope that the photo implementation in this Forum will work again. It is so sad how many good posts we've lost and still will lose, because someone changes their photo-storage and Links stop working.
But I know that the Admins are working hard to make this happen again and we just need a little more patience :bravo:
Yes I agree completely.

This is a temporary fix until the site gets fixed.

And anything we post this way we should go back and fix once the photos on the site get working again so they are captured for future users.