Victorian tankard


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Hi Guys,
I know that this tankard isn't related to WWI, but it's wonderful. It's made with 3.5 of solid sterling plate, and the inside is a fine gold "ormolu". By the markings it's a work done in 1883 in England. A friend of me, of a well know Brazilian family is selling the tankard. He ask me to help him in the sell. If one of you can be interested, or know someone who can, please PM me.

PS. The battle on the tankard have an history, or you think it's a fantasy battle?



Otto, It is a super tankard, incredible that the Brits would actually drink warm beer out of such a thing. The guy on top is not an Uhlan but rather St George, patron saint of England. As for the battle scene, it's hard to say other than that the fellows getting the worst of it are almost certainly frenchies.

I believe that the leopard head hall mark dates it during the reign of King George IV. There might be some British expatriates club in Brazil that would want it for toasting Lady Camilla's health.