Vulkanfiber Prussian Infantry Officer


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Here is my latest acquisition, a Prussian Infantry Officer's Pickelhaube made of Vulkanfiber:


This helmet is not dated but it was likely manufactured in 1914 or 1915:


The Wappen is crisp and is a very thin stamping:


The liner is intact; however some of the stitching has come loose in the back:


All of the stitching on the shell is tight and untouched:


The manufacturers stamp is still in pristine condition. It was manufactured by Depaheg Patent, a common maker of fiber helmets:


The original gilding is still in wonderful condition:


All-in-all I am very pleased with this wartime example.

John :)
That is a beauty. Of all material they made the helmets out of, I think the vulkanized was the best. I have a couple in my collection and their condition is excellent. There is no shrinkage or cracking, they just hold up well.
Yes, an early form of plastic, so immune from the effects of + or - humidity. They can be misshapen though by being subjected to “weight “ on them especially the visors. Once they are warped there is no way to fix them. At least in my experience.
Slowly heating and pressing onto a mould could help to reshape the helmet should it be needed
Its made of some sort plastic so it can be melted

One thing for sure is i would first try it on something else than a helmet if it would needed to be done🤔🤔🤔

Forcing things never ends up good .
You should block it back to shape and let it set .

it takes years to deform but months to re-align.