Wappen kurassier 1Rgt is original


Hello everyoneI saw this wappen of the 1st kurassier rgt, I would like to know your authoritative opinion
Thanks Rino


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Would this be an old restrike? If this is not original then someone made a big effort on the patina :)
KR1 Spikehelmet.GIF
I saw the first copy of a KR1 eagle around 2000. It had 3 threaded studs (1 on the tail) with the modern ISO thread pitch. The studs were "electro-welded". However, it was correctly stamped, not electroplated.
As for the patina, forgers know what to do. The steel is soaked in acid or salt water (cocades) to accelerate rusting. Leather is treated with ammonia to age it, and ammonia "patinates" or "bronzes" brass.
infra, an India made :
KR1 India made.jpg

Another, sold "without guarantee", in an auction room in France, 2 or 3 years ago. This time the attachments are simple folding legs.
The folding lugs existed from 1914 onwards (Kriegsmodel), on ersatz helmets, or Extra-Helm officer helmets, but never on the Kurassier plates. Kur1 Leib Copie Soissons23.png