Wappen of the Imperial Duchies


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Recently, Tony S. asked me for photos of the "Duchy Wappen" that I have managed to acquire over 40 years of collecting. I took the pictures yesterday and thought why not post them on the forum as well? Unfortunately, I have not been able to find them all :) so I would invite members who have the the missing examples in their collection, to post them here. These are very rare as in most cases there was only one Regiment/Company that wore such special helmet plates.

JR 91 Oldenburg with Koenig motto.

JR 91 Model 1915

JR 95 Note: Laurel leaves on both sides of the shield. Fuerst motto. Helmet date stamped 1888 and 1893.

JR 94 Note: Oak leaves on the right side of the shield, Laurel leaves on the left. Fuerst motto. Helmet dated 1900.

Filz helme from JR 153 Ink stamped BA IV which is correct for this Regt. Laurel leaves on both sides of the shield.

Oldenburg Dragoner 19 officer wappen. Note contrasting star burst, scales and stars.

Older JR 91 wappen with screw posts and larger star burst.

JR 91 Officer wappen. Mercury gilding on Eagle, silver frosted star and shield.
In my 40+ year experience as a haube collector, for some reason the Oldenburg M95 OR's pieces were the easiest to find. Any "Fuerst" wappen/helmets are extremely rare and today.... $3,500, the latest price I have seen!


Very impressive Brian,

I only have Prussian EM Pickelhauben so my Wappen collection is very boring :D

Regards, Lars


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Very nice. I left my plates all back in Singapore and I am in Australia now so will only be able to admire all these beautiful plates of yours :)