Were any of the EKII makers Jewish companies?


Long story short, a Jewish Great War German soldier named Allen (spelling?) Zanders Zanders earned the EKII. The Nazis took it away from him. His (great?) grand-daughter got in contact with me to get a replacement. Apparently she still travels to Germany and has asked the current government for a replacement which they declined.

I told her that she had been referred to me only because I had a lot of them on hand (maybe 100) and that I would be honored to get her one as a replacement (I think she wants her son to have it).

It seemed fitting to me that I should pick out one by a Jewish maker - if one or more of the makers are so known.

Can anyone help on this?


Thanks for the moral support Joe. Some of the makers names *sound* vaguely Jewish to a "goy" like me. Surely with the long history of Jewish excellence in the jewelry trade, one or more of the makers was a Jewish company....
Maybe I should have a Jewish friend look over the list and tell me which they think is likely...


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I think you are right to think that there must have bee Jewish makers, and using the names to try to ID one might be the best way to do it. It does not have to be 100% positive to have the spiritual effect.