Which Husaren Regiments?


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On the German WW1 "Feldgrau" forum they're trying to identify which Husaren regiments are visible on a period photograph, but can't really find a good match. The site is in German, but the photo in question is right at the top in the first post. Current status is that the Husar on the left might be HR 7, and the one on the right Leibgarde Husar, but the Garde star looks smaller than usual.

As this forum has an extensive knowledge of these Husarenmütze, and possibly actual examples of the regiments in the photo, I post the link here to hear your opinions, and I can post any answers back on the "Feldgrau" forum (or post a link to this post).


My opinion is the two hussars are stage actors, they're wearing costumes. That ulan might be the only real soldier in this CDV, but they drew a feldbinde for him. But since he wears an other rank's Tschapka while holds an officer's sabre, I'd say he's an actor too. Same for the two hussars...