Who likes medals ????

I like medals too.

Here is an interesting example of the common Cross of Honor 1914-1918. This "Ehrenkreuz 1914-1918" was the award for WWI service and was established 13 July 1934 by Reichspresident von Hendenburg leading to the nickname of the "Hindenburg Cross". This example is the Cross for Combatants showing crossed swords in the design. What is interesting is that this is a rather late award for a Policeman who received the award in 1939. Notice the issue dates on the accompanying award certificate. I don"t know if the recipient was late to apply for the award or if the issuing authority was tardy in dealing with their paperwork. A very common award with an interesting twist none the less.


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Looks wonderful!

Do you happen to know who the owner of that tunic was?

It must have been a Royal, are you trying to replace all their awards?

That is Nobel quest.
Another selection of medals and other odds & ins…

I’ve collected collected a wide range of items from many countries over the years. That’s probably why my collection of Pickelhaube are smaller than many on this forum. I’m trying very hard to stick to Imperial German Pickelhaube and uniforms for the remainder of my time….
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Nice pair of Generals straps for F R 40
I guess that I missed these before
Here’re some orders I collected when I was trying to complete an Austro-Hungarian general’s uniform display.

Austrian Order of the Crown with kleiner decoration of the 1st class
Austrian Order of Leopold with kleiner decoration of the commander grade
Bulgarian Order of Bravery III grade, 2nd Class(if I recall correctly)

Great collection!
Here is my most ..."exceptional medal (bar)"....
I got it because I wanted a 1870 EK, and thise one came by at the price of a singel 1870 EK.... (compared to most trade sites!)


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I always wanted a nice 1870 veteran medal bar. Ive just never come across one that I liked that wasn’t already sold.