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In May 2008 Gus posted a question regarding the correct colour combination for Troddeln.

Erik responded:
Erik de Bruin said:
Also note the listing of colors: it's alway white for 1, red for 2, yellow for 3 and blue for 4. In German they use the memory aid "Wir Rauchen Gerne Brasil" (We like to smoke Brasil tobacco) The stalk of the troddel represents the bataillon, the crown and loop are representing the company.

What some might not realize, is that the "Wir Rauchen Gerne Brasil" is a seniority scheme, and it applied to Regiments.

Below are the four Garde-Regt. zu Fuß Regiments: 1. Garde-Regt. zu Fuß (white), 2. Garde-Regt. zu Fuß (red), 3. Garde-Regt. zu Fuß (yellow), and 4. Garde-Regt. zu Fuß (blue).


This pattern continued for the four Garde Grenadier Regiments below: Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regt. Nr.1 (white), Kaiser Franz Garde-Grenadier-Regt. Nr.2 (red), Königin Elisabeth Garde-Grenadier-Regt. Nr.3 (yellow), and Königin Augusta Garde-Grenadier-Regt. Nr.4.blue).


After the Garde Regiments, the shoulder straps (with some exceptions)follow the primary Armee-Korps piping colours. It is no accident that the primary Armee-Korps piping colours are in the four colours:

White: I, II, IX, X, XII, & I Bavarian
Red: III, IV XI, XIII XV, XIX, & II Bavarian
Yellow: V, VI, XVI, XVIII, & III Bavarian

I am not sure of the logic that placed the Korps, but based upon the seniority scheme, I 'assume' that in regards to seniority, the Korps in seniority went I, III, V, VII, then started again with the next numbers from top to bottom, with II, IV, VI, and VIII. The Bavarians are a little easier to spot, with I, II and III being white, red, yellow.

However, a complete left-winger, was the last Armee-Korps, XXI who went with green.
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Excellent straps and great photos T. That is a very clear explanation, thanks! James bought the last GRzF (white) that I needed at this years SOS from Mike K. Now I have to start looking for the 4 GGR’s. 👍


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Great explanation! To my knowledge the logic of the color sequence has changed for newer Regiments as the colors are based on the colors of the units from which they were formed.