WTB : Steel helmets


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8) Hi all,

I'm looking to collect (over time) some German/Austrian Imperial WW1 steel hrlmets in good original condition. Especially looking for some types/manufacturers:

3. White snow camo
4. Grey marinekorps
6. Koering & Mathiesen (K&M)
8. Early Siemens & Halske size 60 with the more square angle
10. One nice and complete Austrian and/or Hungarian helmet
11. A size 68 helmet
12. German/Austrian mail-home helmets with nice readiable stamp/label
13. Helmets with provenance (brought back)

If you have something, just let me know :)
Many thanks !
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Ideally with liner, except perhaps for a square dip, a mail home, or something with provenance. Thanks for asking,
best wishes