WW1 French Bertrand Gas Grenade

John Dillinger

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Hi all this my first post having just signed up.
Anyway I've just digressed into WW1 grenades and have around a dozen. Thought you might like to see my French Bertand gas grenade that I landed last week.
Its a relic but I'm doing a partial resto on it which is basically leaving it to soak in white vinegar for a few weeks which should shift some of the rust.
I'm just trying that out with one segment of the grenade to see how it goes but after 3 or 4 days the results are encouraging as I'm starting to see some nice patches of dark grey pig iron appear with specs of rust in the bottom of the container and the white vinegar turning orange.The iron itself is still solid so I'm optimistic it won't disolve into nothing.
If all goes well I'll do the rest and thats how ill leave it apart from changing the copper wire for something more authentic.
I just love the size of this thing,its really quirky and a great addition to my collection.


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Welcome to the forum, and thanks for your post of this very hard to find French grenade! :thumb up:

I collect grenades also, and I know that Gus here does as well.

I've used an excellent product called "evapo-rust" with good results on rust encrusted belt buckles and other metal items. It's available to purchase in auto parts stores. You don't have to let something sit in it for several weeks in order for it to take effect. I've used it for anywhere from a few hours at a time, and up to about 12-hours. It works fairly quick, in my opinion.

I highly recommend it for use on your grenade. It won't damage the metal, or dissolve the metal. It does a great job dissolving the rust and removing it.

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I second Alan’s recommendation, in my experience, the safest rust remover for any Historical piece.


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I have even “very carefully “ used this product to remove rust from a rare M15 wappen. You do have to watch closely and not leave it on too long but it does work.