WWI U.S. Victory lamp


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I have seen many versions of this lamp over the years but never owned one.

There is still stuff out there guy's, gentleman saw my ad and called me, hey I got this lamp and old shell casing.

I will put photo's of the casing in the weapons and ordinance area, it is so cool.

Anyway, back to the Victory lamp. On the shell it self is engraved "Victory Nov. 11, 1918 75mm Shell"

then there is a brass band around the lower section of the shell engraved with:

"They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation , neither shall they learn war anymore"

Was not sure I would keep this, but after seeing it, it is now going into collection room.




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I've had a couple of these. The Victory Lamp company sold these for $18.40 - available in three payments since $18 was a lot of money back then. The one I had used a Model 1917 as the shade. I sold it at SOS a couple of years ago.


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I have one of these too. Mine has been rewired and has a single light bulb. It has a standard off white lamp shade and I use it in my "collection room".
Congratulations. Every collection needs one.
John :)