Your collection's fate?


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There is no doubt that, just because of our interest in a particular field of history, we are probably not "acceptable " to the great majority of people but, if you look at the crazy number of fake Indian/maybe Chinese Haubes being offered for sale every day, then I have to wonder if there are not more people interested than we know? I suspect that there may be more anonymous visitors to this forum than there are members? Anyhow, have we gone a bit off piste? The core question was really about what to do with our collections so, any new solutions come to mind?
My good friend is in his late 80s, has the most amazing antique , gun collection I have personally seen. He has two daughters, both not at all interested in his vast home collection. So, on his death , he has organised a London firm to sell all and money to be split. I know he has enjoyed ,and still has an eye for anything new he might find an interest, so the collector in him will never fade away. The final word, new collectors will carry on where he left off, have the buzz when you handle and own a piece of history you are interested in,and research it as much as you can. I now have 3 Pickelhaubes to my collection, love looking at them and having them in my possession, if my children dont want them one day so on the market they go.

Jeff R

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I've built a spreadsheet with pictures and details (including reasonable market price ranges) for my wife - she is very supportive of my collecting passion, but at the same time has no interest herself in owning a bunch of weird old hats someday. And both my sons have no interest in this stuff. So I'm including a few reputable dealers' and auction houses' info for her. This way at least she has something to show them, and can't get taken advantage of (hopefully).


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I discovered this interesting article and I have the same question that you...

I’m only 42 and I’m building my collection of spiked helmets... My 9 year old son loves my collection and he is proud to show it to his friends.. I understand him and will he take over once he gets here?

For my collection of Joffre objects: they will all go to the Joffre museum where I have been a volunteer for a few years...


I plan, over the next 20 years, to liquidate my medical collection and refocus on German helmets

At least it’ll be easier for my wife to resell spiked helmets once I’m not around anymore...

tony v

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I'm hedging my bets....selling some off now but keeping the majority till the absolute end. I have found that by letting some go (which ain't been easy) I have the advantage of increasing my purchasing power for nicer examples as they come along and also showing the wife a good return on "our"/her investment.............

I have prepared the necessary spreadsheet/hard copy of the stock, as she calls it, and should things come to that, without prior warning, also who to not let slide under the door............

what a cheery thread !