Your collection's fate?


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Museums scare the crap out of me. I had a family friend who was Airborne in WWII, I got a few pieces from him, but he donated a lot of it to a local museum. it has been over 30 years and none of it has ever seen the light of day. A few years ago a friend of mine got on the board of the museum and I asked him if I could come look at the military stuff they had. I got in and found tons of stuff, all packed up in the attic of the museum, most was ruined or close to it, from years of heat and cold. He told me they got more military stuff then they could ever display, and it was not a focus of the museum. I told him they should sell the stuff to fund what they wanted, and was told no they never sell anything. So in a few more years they may not have any of it left to salvage IMO. I found numerous Spiked helmets with covers that I remember seeing in the museum as a kid, great condition then, now helmets are all cracking from heat, and covers are all moth eaten.

I got some years before I need to part with the collection, but it will for sure not go to a museum.


Out of curiosity what museum? Because that is pretty bad. A lot of museums take great care of their stuff.


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Out of curiosity what museum? Because that is pretty bad. A lot of museums take great care of their stuff.
Most of a museum's collection is never displayed, or displayed infrequently. However, what you describe is outrageous and shameful. A museum that won't de-access and sell off items that might become damaged or aren't part of their scope, are nothing more than scrap yards.

My youngest son, who is 50 now, is very interested in my collection and my will makes sure that he gets it. However, I have known of collectors who made arrangements with a trusted collector friend who was willing to dispose of the collection, piece by piece. The surviving spouse knows of the arrangement and will take advantage of it, while still maintaining control as desired. It isn't unusual to set up a reasonable commission because effective selling a large collection is a lot of work. That system works.