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    American Pickelhaube

    Went for a very good price!
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    Chinese officers in German army

    Here is a page from the Juncker catalogue which shows a slightly clearer image of the Chinese plate...
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    Chinese officers in German army

    Could you by any chance post those pics of the Thai royal family in Germanic uniforms?
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    Chinese officers in German army

    Yes, it is two dragons facing each other on either side of some insignia. There is also an example of a classic leather pickelhaube with this plate in the C.E. Juncker catalogue!
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    Chinese officers in German army

    I'll add this pic. What I wouldn't give for this helmet!
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    Domed nickel-silver chin scales

    Does anyone have a pair to part with? A post-war set from a Feuerwehr helmet will suffice!
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    A very nice 1 year volunteeer for a Jager Batl

    Very nice! The white "frosting" will go away if you warm the surface with a hair dryer...
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    Cuirassier Helmet

    Yes, but its a very nice example of the correct style of plate. A quick bath in the right solvent will reveal the original finish!
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    Prussian Feld Artillery Officer

    Beautiful work- you always take it to just the right point!
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    Cartridge box for an officer of Dragoon Regt. 3 ( Grenadier Regt zu Pferde # 3

    I love these! Very nice specimen...
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    New Display of Pickelhaubes for 2022

    What a nice cross-section of helmets!
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    Mexican Pickelhaube

    This seller usually has very good material...I think they probably just don't know!
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    German Resident Willing to Help with Ebay?

    Hi Sandy- I was unable to initiate a private conversation using the site's function, so could you e-mail me at [email protected] Cheers, Arran.
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    German Resident Willing to Help with Ebay?

    Thanks for the replies, guys!