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    another Brit

    Welcome Tony, great to have you with us. Have fun here and post some photos of your collection.
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    My first pickelhaube restoration

    The circular stain on the inside top of the helmet produced by the tin support disc would suggest a cruciform spike base. These cruciform discs are larger than the more common circular ones. From the profile of the helmet, I would say this is an M95. You can see the original spine lines in the...
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    Unable to Post ?

    A couple of our long time members have been unable to post here on the forum recently. For some reason, their permissions were removed. Tony is looking into it and it seems a simple thing to fix. Please contact me if you are having problems. [email protected]
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    My first pickelhaube restoration

    Good to see another member embarking upon the restoration experience! Many hauben were converted to fireman use after the war. Probably bought as war surplus, new fittings applied, old holes filled in and then sold off to local fire departments. We should remember that even before the war these...
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    I just won this book on e-bay.

    I can only echo Bruno’s comments, if you have those three, you don’t need much else. My Laine is with me at every SOS and I have used it so much that the cover has come off and the edges of the pages are soiled from my skin oils! Unfortunately, both of these pioneering Pickelhaube authors are no...
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    Chinscale Build - Guards Convex

    Unfortunately, I can offer no help or suggestions, perhaps Ron P. has some advice here.
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    First Donation 2021

    Ron P. Thank You for your recent donation and the numerous posts you have made on the forum. Great to have you with us !
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    M1895 EM Pickelhaube

    I see no concerns, great helmet and you couldn’t get any better markings.
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    Bavarian Tschapka

    Never seen buckles like that on any Imperial German headdress.
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    Hi from another Brit with the bug

    Welcome Drew, good to have you with us! The forum is an awesome resource, we all enjoy helping new haube collectors. Have fun!
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    Eigentumsstück Tellermütze-small repair

    Excellent job but also typical effort by the restorer......look at the problem, then use any materials at hand to solve it. Well done!
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    hahahahahahahahahahaha......look at the asking price!

    Perhaps owned by the same guy who has had an M15 Garde wappen up for sale a $1K for the last 15 years??
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    M15 OR's Tschapka "Bond Helmet"

    Yes Steve, a metal mortar board but this was not sent for easier shipping. Correct, so many of these do not have the Garde star. I can’t remember when I have actually seen an M15 Ulan with star. The new old stock M15 Ulan plates that James and I bought at SOS 2018 had no star either. This is the...
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    First Donation 2021

    A tip of the haube to Alan G. and Mike K. for their recent donations to our forum. Thank you gentlemen.
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    M15 OR's Tschapka "Bond Helmet"

    In my experience John, this is how all of them are made and this is the 6th one that I have worked on. If you own a tschapka, take a look under the liner along the rim of the shell and you will see this stitch pattern.