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    My helmets.

    They look great to me but as above, I have very limited knowledge of these types of helmets.
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    Finished: I think it turned out pretty good but one hell of a lot of work to get it done. This project would have been much easier if the stitch holes had not disappeared over 100 years. The brass fittings on this were painted feldgrau. A lot of this paint has worn off. On to the next helmet!
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    Magdeburg Arty Felt

    A masterful job on the repair and repaint!
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    1. Garde Regiment zu Fuss Unteroffizier

    Excellent display, congratulations! 👍
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    Bayern Flügeladjutant

    Simply, jaw dropping for any Imperial collector! Wow!!
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    Excellent photo which captures a past moment in time!
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    Justizvollzugsanstalten NCO Uniform

    Very interesting, that slanted breast pocket flap is quite unusual.. (y)
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    Not on Ebay, but for sale by a dealer

    Ok, now I understand who we are dealing with, I was at our tables when that transaction took place, where this guy and his minion roll up with a hotel laundry cart sporting an MG42 poking out of it. The buyers' philosophy was definitely, buy in quantity in order to drive the prices down. Those 5...
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    Not on Ebay, but for sale by a dealer

    Looks all original but that is a very expensive price for an M15.
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    Uniform Group of Victorian RA Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel George Hampson Morrison

    I have to ask Jvpi.....can you wear it?? :) From my understanding, some German WW2 uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss. I have never been in the military, my father was in WW2 and my grandfather in WW1. I believe, that a good looking uniform instills pride and confidence in those who wear it.
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    Your comment is well made Amy. The amount of work in completing this is substantial and I have talked with Mathew about this. I probably will only do this one helmet and Mathew is fine with that. It was a sunny day here and so the light was good for stitching. :) All filz helme liners have a...
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    Oldenburg Helm M/1855

    Magnificent helmet in awesome condition!
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    Pickelhaube from the Kgl. Sächs. 5. Feld-Artillerie-Regt. Nr.64?

    I have no trouble understanding your posts Clovis. We all know that the Google translator is not always correct. We are just glad to have you here with us, making posts and sharing your knowledge. 👍
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    Garde Shako with Measles!!

    Things are filling in "slowly but surely", obviously I am doing the back half first. It just takes time but it is going to look good once finished. :)
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    Garde Shako with Measles!!

    Some progress: