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    EKI - it is a fake, isn´t it?

    Thanks for all your assistence! :lol: Douglas.
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    EKI - it is a fake, isn´t it?

    Hi Otto, Glad to see you too! And the girls of your life? Are they OK? I also think this EK I is not a good one. Let´s see what the others have to say. Douglas. :D
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    EKI - it is a fake, isn´t it?

    Hi folks, Found this EKI in the Internet. To me it is a fake as I never saw such kind of numbers and looks that the core was repainted (mayba a one-piece construction). Also the maker´s mark is uncommon (Deschler & Sohn). The pictures are not great but are everything I managed to get...
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    Who is the last WW I vet still alive?

    Hello Forum mates, I found this page a while ago and I think that you will enjoy it. According to this source there are currently 79 WWI veterans still alive. This page already lists Mr. Gilson as deceased but has a higher...
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    Nice picture found at Flea Market

    Hi people! Here is a picture that I found at a local flea market a few weeks ago. I think you will enjoy it to see these tough guys. As far as I know this regiment was raised in 1917, but note they all are wearing jackboots and appear to be so well kitted out. These men are in a rear area and...
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    Three new photos of Carl Holler

    Otto, Congrats for such nice find! :lol: Douglas.
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    ATTENTION OTTO! Pilot´s flying gear for sale

    I agree, it is not the item for guys like us! But did you check his WWI photos section? He has some nice pictures of German pilots/planes. Oh, let me assure you all that I have no interest to marketing his items. Just like to warn you all about some good items that can be found at this kind of...
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    Single bar with a paper tag

    Otto, Most of the medal bars with the maker´s mark that I´ve seen are sewn in the fabric that covers the back and also brings the city where the maker was located. For instance, "Godet, Berlin". I would say that it is the name of the awardee - which is also very uncommon. Nice medal! Douglas.
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    The bar is ok?

    Hi Otto, If I remember correctly, Diego has a medal bar which has the same long service medal. I will check if the ribbon is correct, but it looks OK to me. Douglas.
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    ATTENTION OTTO! Pilot´s flying gear for sale

    Oops, :eek: I forgot to mention: his website is and his name is Marc. Nice chap to deal with. Douglas.
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    ATTENTION OTTO! Pilot´s flying gear for sale

    Hi Otto and my Imperialoids´ Friends, A friend collector from Belgium is putting for sale this complete flying gear of a WWI pilot and I thought that you might would like to take a look. Enjoy...
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    Otto & Family, Thank you so much for your greetings. To you and all the Forum Mates our best vows of a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Douglas & Diego
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    The visit of Douglas.

    Joe and Gus, The pctures were taken at Otto's home. The girls and the beer were at the luxury hotel I was :twisted: ... unfortunately, Otto wasn't able to go to my party! What a shame! Douglas
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    The visit of Douglas.

    Hi, I would like to say thanks to Otto for all his hospitality during my short visi. Few times I was so warmly welcome in a first visit like this one. He is a real true friend and a real "bona fide" militaria's lover! Time runs fast when we are among friends! A new visit will occur in near...
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    Birthday's members

    Hi Otto! Here I am: the "kid" ... 8) August 6th, 1974!!! Douglas.