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    Bavarian Pickelhaube.

    No photos again! Something is amiss.
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    Bavarian Pickelhaube.

    Bavarian Pickelhaube. Please see attached. Opinions welcome. Best, Chris.
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    Velvet Backed Chin Scales

    A little heat from a hair dryer may soften the glue as would hot water since, if original, it will be animal based, but I'm you're on to that one already.
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    Bavarian Pickelhaube

    Thanks for letting me know. I'll do something about it. Chris.
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    Bavarian Pickelhaube

    Anyone else think it's a private purchase example?
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    Bavarian Pickelhaube

    Bavarian Pickelhaube. I think it's a private purchase example of an 1895 model. No regimental letters or numbers. The shell is in very good condition, sorry about the dust!, but the chin strap and cockades are reproduction in my opinion. I hope the rest is good!! Best, Chris.
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    M18 Ear Cut out

    De-milling? What are you referring to? Demilitarising or something else? I'm new and haven't a clue! Chris.
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    Small repair pickelhaube

    Craftsmanship at its best. Beautiful work.
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    Ulanka my love forever.

    Tremendous work and thank you for uploading.
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    German protective chain mail armour tunic

    It looks like something Ned Kelly would have made!
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    Bavarian / Third Reich Officer medal bar

    Very nice group. Chris.
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    Another Ebay Tschapka

    Well, it looks good to me too.
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    Bavarian Bing helmet.

    Very nice and a lovely display.
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    Original recipes for black military Leather-Lacquer I believe this company sells lamp black! Chris. 👍
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    Pickelhaube dressing/polish enquiry

    Thanks for the info John. Best, Chris.