A big hello to all

It is great pleasure to join and write a few words on this wonderful site. I have been collecting for over 30 years, mostly German dress daggers,decorations, and a vast collection of ww1 and 2 gas masks,nearly 60 in all. But a few years ago,I got divorced, and most of my collection was sold at Dukes, as i needed the money ! I did keep a few bits as I couldnt bare to sell tho. The collector in me will never die, as my very understanding gorgeous wife now of 3 years has found out ! I have always had an interest in Pickelhaubes but never owned or knew much about them, but am lucky now to have three now. Here we go. First is a Prussian NCO,s Pickelhaube, size 58, with a sticker inside that reads Unteroffizer Franz Ronn, 11th Company,Reg 114. I Would love to try and trace this owner up if anyone can help with any ideas please ? Second a Prussian Ersatz, felt, This has a small ordinance depot stitch repair,but would be interested to lean if the repair would have to be sent back to the factory to complete this ? Lastly a Prussian Guard Pickelhaube, a nice stamp of 1915 and K.B.A G size 54. Its so good to view other peoples collections,large and small. and the vast Knowledge of many of the kind members on here. Wishing everyone all the best. Mark
Welcome here Mark! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your haubes, and regarding selling a collection, I've been there too.
Started up again some years ago, the collecting bug will never leave you alone.. I also needed the money back then.
You have come to a very nice place, were everybody helps eachother out, if you have any questions, just ask.

Regards, Coert.
Yes had to sell some pickelhauben and CEF uniforms to survive my second divorce. No big deal and still collecting. 😊 Welcome Mark!
Welcome Mark! I’m looking forward to seeing some of your collection when time permits!
Best regards