Any fellow members here who enjoy a good Bier ?

Hi Guys & Gals,

Enjoying my Bier Advent Calendar and yesterday was the second Bier and I felt it was an appropriate Bier to mention here. It was HusarenTrunk brewed by Schlossbrau Rheder.

I little info on the Bier.

In 1851 the 8th Hussars moved into the garrison in Paderborn and Neuhaus. Their captain and brewery owner Adolph von Spiegel is the namesake of their export beer.

I enjoyed the Bier and would recommend it to bottom fermented Bier fans. The can speaks for itself pretty cool IMO. Regards John Josef

Living in the land of wine makers (France!), I still prefere beer.
In fact mainly one, and that is (the traditional)Duvel.
The only valuabal alternative for me, so far; is Omer...
When I say "the traditional Duvel" that is, because of theyr succes, they are coming up with all sorts of side kick products...even whiskey...
Call me "old", but I stick with...the "old" Duvel...! Wich is hard to get here in central France....
In summer: a good Duvel! Autumn en winter I prefer the dark-strong Trappists. Rochefort 10 and the Chimay Bleue.


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