Bayern Artillery Officers Haube with plume.


I am looking to sell this very Nice Pickelhaube. Helmet is is great shape although the silk liner is roached (but still present)

Email me with any interests asking price is $1800 shipped to the US


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Nice helmet but I always thought that a red plume indicated a musician…if so this would belong to a musicmeister.
Do you have a straight on picture that clearly shows the back bottom left portion of the Hinterschirm ? There looks to be a bit of damage but its hard to see in the pictures provided.

I like it (y)
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WOW I have learned something else I didn’t know about pickelhauben! Thanks for the information about the red plums for Bavarian spikes.
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Oui, les Bavarois avaient des règles particulières pour le Haarbusch :
Pas de Busch pour l'infanterie, et de Haarbusch rouge pour l'artillerie.

Le reste de l'armée allemande (et prussienne) :
---Certains régiments : pas de Busch.
---Régiments sélectionnés : Black Haarbusch.
---Quelques rares régiments prestigieux comme le "Leib" : Haarbusch blanc.
---Les musiciens : Red Haarbusch.

Cela n'intéresse pas le Federbusch des généraux.

Another peculiarity of Bavarian officers is that the "officer's" Landkokarde features a simple blue ring.
True for Prussia. and many other states but Bayern had many regiments ( Cav .& .Inf ) decked out in red horse hair headress

Just for members information, after an Imperial decree dated the 5 of September 1886 all Bavarian Artillery regiments were permitted to screw a red hair plume onto the Helmet for parade duty.