Garde Regiment officer with his son.


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Garde Regiment officer with his son.A very unusual outfit for a young soldier.Analysis of the uniform done by Jurgen of MY VIRTUAL MUSEUM".The chevron on his shoulder only indicates a Gefreiter. The sweatshirt looks like a standard M36. On the other hand, the fact that there is something there at the base of the moustache draws attention, and I am betting that this is a clue indicating that he is a candidate (course student) for NCO. I bet that this fact and his background caused him to dress in a manner rather inappropriate to his rank. I would add that many NCOs in the Heer wore an officer's style. Very often they wore breeches, although these were usually tailored trousers that were narrower in the thighs than standard officer trousers. Officer's belts were sometimes worn, but never cap strings. Often non-commissioned officers reworked later versions of their blouses at tailors so that the collars were dark green. They usually used an older pattern of epaulettes of the same colour and lapels on such a backing. I assume that because of his connections, a corporal who was a candidate for NCO was serving with some very senior officer or general and therefore "nobody kicked him for his outfit".
P.S. It looks like he has a black badge for wounds, some kind of badge "on the button" and something very strange above the left breast pocket (I don't know what the hell it is).


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„Heldengedenktag“ (Heroes' Remembrance Day) is written on the back That could also be the reason that the two dressed up particularly nicely.


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Sandy you are invaluable.How good you are! Have a good Sunday.
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Concerning the Uniform of the young guy, I think he is a NCO-Candidate of a Tank-crew, a Panzer Obergrenadier (Version 1921-1936 Wehrmacht-Lexicon). Further the badge on the left Breast pocket points to a tank crew, because a wounded badge wouldn’t have something in the center of the top of the badge. But here is something in the center of the top of the badge, so I think it could be a „Reichsadler“. All infantry badges would have a narrow rifle in the center of the badge. But here is something big in the center, with a gap over it. That could well represent a tank and that’s why I think it is a Panzer Kampfabzeichen (Tank battle badge).