Guard Fusilier Regiment Private purchase Pickelhaube.

Yes, for infantry :
---Silver nickel silver scales for troops and officers, (and stars idem for officers)
---1GzF for Prussia.
---115 L.I.R. for Hesse.
---100 L.G.R. for Saxony.
All the other regiments had brass scales (gold-coloured), as did the officer's stars, even though the rest of the fittings were in nickel silver.
(but I still have to check the P.B.12 Saxon for scales. From memory, I remain uncertain on this point)
My entry to accompany the beautiful helmet of Tony
The Reserve Eisenbahn 3, would have yellow scales, if it were the case, due to the fact that it is an Engineer division. (Don't forget the Prussian Eisenbahn in the list of silver Eagles of the Guard).

GzF1 12C 3EisenbR.JPGGzF1 Uffz 12C F_B.JPGGzF1 Uffz 12C Vice Feldwebel.JPGGzF1 Uffz FB.JPGGzF1 Uffz Fusilier Bataillon 12Cie.JPG
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