Hello from France :D


Hi in here!

CLOVIS 57's daughter speaking! :)

He has been consulting this forum for 10 years but did not dare registering as he does not speak English that well. Today he decided it was about time :)

He is pretty much well-known on French militia-related forums due to his passion and knowledge about Pickelhelms.

He relies on Google translate and such to communicate in here so please be nice to him and show mercy for his English :-$

He hopes to contribute and to have some interesting debates \:D/



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Welcome to the Forum :)
Google-Translate is a good tool and I use it too when I don‘t know a word or if a sentence sounds bad. Nothing to be ashamed of ;)


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Welcome Clovis , great to have you with us. No worries on the language issue, we can work that out.


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Welcome here Clovis,
You can speak whatever your language is..I used to have a French girlfriend, so can speak French fluently, But being Dutch, German and English are good to go too.

Welcome to the forum!

Greetings, Coert. :) :thumb up:


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Welcome - don't worry about not speaking English well. I can't and I'm a native English speaker.


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I always wanted a French girlfriend.....I tried on several occaisions to attract a Quebecoise but no luck. Unlike you Europeans, we are limited in our contacts here due to distance. I did have some pleasant conversations with women of Slovakian heritage but again they were second generation and did not teach me their language. :( Ah and then, there was the Italian....she taught me a few phrases during that experience. Every old dog has had it's day. :thumb up:


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I join the greeting. I use goole translator myself and sometimes the translation works wonders, but the gentlemen know their stuff.


Salut Cloclo! \:D/

Nice to read you here too :wink:
And thank you to your daughter to have introduced you!

Philippe (or Rheinbaben, somewhere else :D )


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A message to Clovis 57's daughter, Thank you for helping get him registered, I am sure you have some responsibility in his presence. This is a multi-lingual site and if Clovis 57 wishes to post in French, he is more than welcome. Sometimes it is easier to post in a native language. Every one here has the ability to use google translate, there will be some errors, but from my experience, those errors become learning moments. I would like to remind everyone to pay attention to spelling and grammar as misspelled words do not translate correctly.


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Bienvenue! N'hésitez pas à utiliser les programmes de traduction. C'est le sens, plutôt que la grammaire, qui est important.