Help identifying the medals I have, please.


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I cannot seem to find information on these medals/pins that I have. The only thing I know is that they came from a collection held by a WWII U.S. Lt. Col. Can anyone help me?


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First, I am not a medal collector but I can comment/add a bit of information on the first pin shown. I believe this to be a post war veterans association pin to a Prussian Hussar Regiment. It is Prussian because of the black and white ribbon which are the Prussian State colours. It is Hussar (light cavalry) because hanging from the ribbon is a sabretasche with cypher which was only worn by Hussars. They used these pouches/purses to carry messages and they hung from the belt by leather straps along with the cavalry sabre. I believe the 25 represents perhaps years of service or years of membership in the veterans association. The cypher is entwined FWR which represents Ferederich Wilhelm Rex king of Prussia.


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Brian is correct on #1
vets badge Husaren regiment
Prussian for sure
25 years service
the sabretasche drop is gold and red
reference might tell you which regiment

# 2 I do not know
# 3 looks like a vets pin for Eisenbahn Regt 11

# 4 I do not know
can you rotate the photo ?
I might can study it more
I collect veterans pins



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# 3 could be Russian
I do not their cyphers
was there a unit with E II
that is the cypher for Eisenbahn unit

Any marking on the back ?
That would tell the story
German or Russian


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The second one (black and yellow cross) is a WW1 Austro-Hungarian War Aid pin.

Here's another example:" onclick=";return false;

John :)