Here's my last Hurrah of the year


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I had a note about that one #396804
At the time he had three different M1915 officers helmets
I have an officers I R 76 but not an M1915
There is a Baden but it needs work
Good for you on your purchase !


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This one came to me yesterday.

IR 76 Hamburg, Officers Pickelhaube in the 1915 war time style with grey fitting under the spike and removable scales on 91 fittings. made from fiber with an ersatz sweatband of oilskin. View attachment 19313View attachment 19314View attachment 19317

Kinda ticked all the boxes for me so I thought why not !


Tony, thank you for the photos, they are so interesting. Are the visors made of fibre too?

tony v

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Hi, this one is. Some were made of pressed cardboard as well. The helmet is very light to hold.