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13B32994-0083-4FA1-AEDA-D8A03F056792.jpegAFB3954E-E4F6-4DF5-B94C-7D0DC65353E5.jpeg3A5B0AD4-556A-4753-9BE1-067906205273.jpegFB2C2209-64C5-418B-9783-0C26CB885425.jpeg23454D15-1F3C-4E6E-8D2F-87051CFE07ED.jpegE14CEFF7-A5AB-410B-9B3E-0B2F6AF4D4BE.jpegC47ADE67-452C-40B4-A535-E0A09A16B514.jpegFinally received my Royal Artillery Home Service Helmet. I absolutely love it! Thanks to James for helping me to get it.

And yes the Officer’s badge has a turning wheel.


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Awesome Helmet. It will look great next to your artillery collection. Ive never seen/noticed one with a turning wheel. It’s crazy that you found a badge like that after the topic came up a while ago. Cool ship in the background too, HMS Victory?.
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Thanks. Yes HMS Victory. Picked it up at the Naval Museum in Portsmouth.


Very nice helmet Peter! I noticed the Victory in behind there as well. Toured the ship for the first time 5 years ago. It was like taking a pilgrimage for me! lol
That is one sweeeet helmet Peter, fantastic condition! Congratulations! Yes the turning wheel, I was told that probably 30 years ago by an old time collector.