JR 26 restoration

Hi Sandy,
Could your Wappen be chemically darkened like they did early in the war?
For me it looked like a paint coating. Don’t know if chemical, sorry. Can’t check it again, because it is ready for shippin.
I just checked the photos I have. It looks to uneven for a chemical darkening and not like other examples I found in the net. I think it is a paint or lacque.
An amazing difference from the original pictures. Well done! So nice when helmets are saved.
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Haha that‘s amazing! I love seeing these things restored instead of scrapped for parts. Look at the helmet stand, where did you buy that unless you made it. Once again superb job! 👍
I get all my stands from skipper greenwade! He does outstanding work, he has a website you can find just by googling his name. If I remember right each stand is about 40 dollars a piece.