Just for show some parts of my Collection

mike kelso

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Welcome! Really a nice collection. As you have time could we see more photos of the Fahne shown in the first photo. I assume it is a veteran's flag? Mike


Here are a few quick shots with my Phone from my new display. At least not every spike Helmet in there, but a few of them. But i wasnt sure, if i should put the Covers on them or not. All beautiful Mint or near Mint Officer Spike Helmets. If i have more time i will show them without covers :)

In the middle is the Bavarian General Adjudant that i bought yesterday from ageofkings, unfortunately without a stand yet. I can totaly recommend them, the, are great guys to deal with, was fun to met them here in Bavaria & both speak German as well :)

I would like to hear your Opinion, what to do with the covers from the spike helmets, or how should i display them :)

Best Regards


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You have a great, and well displayed collection Fabian!
Congratulations with the Bavarian General Adjudant helmet from AOK!
It looks great next to the other officer helmets in your collection. About how to display them with, or without their covers, well, this is what ever fancy's you. Everybody has their own opinion about this, so, do as you like. It's your collection.
I like the 2 French artillery adrians too by the way.

Regards, Coert.


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What to do with covers, tough call. I keep ones that came with a specific helmet with the helmet but not on, others I have stored away as I do not have space to display all the helmets and the covers.


tony v

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i do 50/50 with covers. Have them on but pulled up to display the plate.....personal preference I guess. Those with numbers get to stay on fully !