Just for show some parts of my Collection


Hi guys, I'm new to this Forum for some weeks now & thought it would be good to post a little bit form my Collection here! :)

I'm collection Bavarian Military and i'm always looking for:

-Bavarian Raupenhelme
-Bavarian General Spike Helmets
-Bavarian Officer Spike Helmets
-Bavarian Spike Helmet Covers
-Bavarian Kürassier Sets
-Bavarian Standarte/Flags/Banners

Should be no WTB post (did one extra) - but only to give you a little view into my main collecting parts! :)
-> I hope this is the right Theard for it :D

Best Regards


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Welcome here on the forum Ex_Scout. :)

You posted it in the right thread, very nice collection you have there! I only have 2 Bavarian helmets, an M15 other ranks, and a Bing metal pickelhaube.

Regards, Coert. (y)
Thank you very Much Coert!

I had round about 25 Bavarian Spike Helmets, but most of them NCO's - then i decided to collect only Officer Spike Helmets & Generals. Now there are only 10 Spike Helmets left (1x General, rest of it Officer). Raupenhelme are still missing in my Collection, but maybe i get some soon (i hope so!) :)
Beautiful collection,congratulations! I do not know why, but I have the most items in my mini collection from Bavaria. I have a nice chako,although some say it is ugly.Regards


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Thank you all for your great feedback! :) - maybe i can get some Raupenhelme the next few weeks from a nearby Auction ;)... if so, then i will post them here for you!