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I am a bit late to this discussion as I tend to concentrate on pickelhauben rather than W&O. However, great photos and discussion. Obviously some primo examples of MG08/15's also shown. Congratulations to those who own them. Chas....make sure you wear a stahlhelme and get lots of pics when you fire that beast!


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yes some great images, but not so great for this chap who stuck to his post! The German machine gunners were truly professionals and taken from the ranks for various attributes. Of course the MGC formed in 1916 were pretty good too :thumb up:


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you can almost look right into the gun at this view
funny to see two diffrent shoulderboards in this picture
one is cypered one is not
great pic :thumb up:


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ebeeby said:
Are MG08 and MG08/15 barrels interchangeable?
They are the same barrel, identical. just check the 'front end' for the 08/15 for a screw on cap, which comes off.


'nother question for you MG08/15 veterans:

Got a field strip lesson from the resident elder guru. He had concern that the ejection tube was missing. It does look like a tube had once come out and was screwed or welded in place. On the inside of the receiver, there is a milled piece "fronting " the ejection port - perhaps a guide. Isn't that the important piece? Why would the tube itself be important on the outside?


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ebeeby is he getting confused with an air gun which had the 'ejector tube' sometimes fitted, but not on the ground gun!!