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I'm generally not into imperial paper documents, though like most collectors of the era, I have some award documents, Militärpaß, Soldbücher, etc. I do, however, like to look at everything and I was browsing and found this Militärpaß. It caught my eye because it was from I.R.124, a Württemberg unit, which wore a cyphered shoulder strap and because of the association with Erwin Rommel.

When I got to the page that the officer signed, I about fell out of my chair. A few tense days later I had bought the booklet for less than the normal going price for a run-of-the-mill infantry Militärpass. I was a bit amazed, but happy that no one else had caught it.


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if you want one you never find
in this case one would say'it is looking for a needle in a haystack
but you have found the 'needle'
congrats with it
how big is his war resemae of this person



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I can not believe that Chip fell for the fake I sold on ebay Rommel's signature is the easiest to forge:)


Another , later, example of his signature has just appeared for sale." onclick=";return false;


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Yes, another pass from this regiment appeared just months later. Only this time, the seller advertised that it had a Rommel signature and it sold for over 200 Euro! I got mine for a tenth of that price. I don't suppose there will be any more sleeper documents from this regiment!