My dream....Norm Flaydermann's barn find a long time ago.

Incredible Randy! Obviously, as an older collector I have heard/seen this before but not for a long time. I have known you for 40+ years and have been fortunate to hear some of your “haube hunting “ stories first hand. I think that you could give Norm a run for his money in the area of “barn finds”! I know that us more experienced collectors are well aware of the Age of Kings website however, to new collectors…..check it out and buy with confidence if you so choose. Randy and A of K will be at the SOS as usual and I already know that many of the members who are attending will be heading to their tables as will I and James. 😊👍👍
I remember that. I think he found them in France. I bought a couple of helmets from him back in the day too. But by the time I got his catalogs, the good ones had been sold. Norm had dies made to reproduce the kokardes and chinstrap fittings, and sold them so you could complete the helmets. He published the first book on spiked helmets in the US, Colonel Rankin's book - which is still one of my favorites - in 1965.
His catalogs of antique firearms, swords, and militaria were amazing, which is not surprising because he was a pretty amazing guy, knowledgable in many fields.
I remember in one of his catalogs he had the ship's bell from the battleship S.M.S. Kaiserin for sale. I should have bought it !
Probably. They were in every catalog for a couple of years I think. Mixed in, he also had some very nice helmets as well.