Not German, but I think a WWII US Child's Helmet


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Hi all,
I found this one years ago at a thrift store and thought it was interesting, having a good cross section of US 'doughboy' steel and plastic children's play helmets. This one is paper maché that was pressed into a mold, then painted, lacquered and the decal applied. I've never seen another like it and thought it would be of huge interest to toy helmet collectors as I thin out my collection. However, nobody has even bid on it during two week-long auctions. I guess this one will be staying in my collection!




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Here's the link. Sadly, I can only ship to the US, so that probably limits things quite a bit. The problem is that for international auctions, ebay sometimes wants to charge ME for shipping, and it all ends up being a huge mess, which I just don't want to deal with anymore. My ebay name is Tanker--1 (two dashes)