Saxon Garde Reiter


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Things seem a little slow this Friday. Maybe a good time for a new helmet .
Back before 1992 I had a nice enlisted Saxon Garde Reiter helmet with lion top .
Then I sold all of my Non -Prussian helmets .So now I have a replacement .
SteveSaxon Garde Reiter officer.jpgSaxon G R a.jpgSaxon G R b.jpgSaxon G R c.jpgSaxon G R d.jpgSaxon G R e.jpgSaxon G R f.jpg


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What bob said. There are not enough superlatives to describe this wonderful piece. Thanks for letting us see it.


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Steve, That is one heck of looker congratulations, and thank you for posting pictures,
Best regards
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Stunning. I would just spend hours looking at it
The rest of your collection looks every bit as special as the helmet.


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Sometimes Kube offers as well as A. Thies
I think Weitze has offered before
of course the asking prices they want are up there
also the first 2 are auctions only
An e m one is also nice
Before 1992 I had a nice e m with lion top
I will post photo later