Unique Felt Prussian Officer Helmet


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Another project sent to me by one of our members. As the title suggests, this is a different sort of officer haube, at least in my experience. I have seen felt officer helmets before but usually with a black interior. This also comes with a rare tin cruciform support system on the inside of the shell. I have only seen one of these systems once before in all my decades of collecting. Some photos:
Both visors are have good stitching, so no problems there.
One problem spot on the outside of the shell. Overall though due to being made of felt the outside finish is in very good condition. The explanation for this of course, is that felt unlike leather does not expand/contact with changes in humidity. Vulcan fibre helmets are also usually in very good condition for the exact same reason.
The unique tin cruciform support system. Bent prongs put through the shell hold this support in place. I also have the sweatband and silk to put back into this helmet.
Front prong.
Rear spine screw and prong are also used to secure the support. (y) We can also see how thin the shell is which makes it very light to wear. More photos as this project goes forward. If other members have similar helmets in their collection...please post photos here. :)
Me too, thank you for doing the extra work and explaining the restoration steps to us. I always enjoy these posts :)
Thanks for posting Brian! This is my helmet & glad its in your capable hands as always.

And big thanks to our fellow forum member J.LeBrasseur who kindly sold me an original set of chin scales in brass for this project--as I mentioned Brian has them now & will restore this helmet in the coming days.

PS: Looking for a set of original stars for this if anyone has a set.
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I'm a follower too! I never even saw a helmet like this, a felt officer one. I am looking forward to seeing how it looks after our master restorer Brian has finished it's restoration. It is in good hands now.
A very rare one, which is not easily found. You did right in buying this one @billmunny !

Best regards, Coert.
Brian- I thought I had one with this type of support system, but I do not. I know I have seen it before somewhere?

Brian - I have three officer helmets made with the rabbit felt shell. The interiors are all different colors; black, feldgrau and burgundy. I also have the tin cruciform support system in another officer helmet, but the shell is leather. Any idea of the size of the helmet you are restoring? All three of mine are very large (58, 58,and 59).

Brian I repaired such a helmet with this mounting system,but it was without felt padding.


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