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Dear all,

Below are some pics of a helmet that belongs to colleague. It was apparently obtained at a local fleamarket in the '50s in the north of the Netherlands and was used by the Dutch, British and Germans during WW2. I am no expert but it does not look like a Dutch or German helmet to me. Rather, it looks like a Russian one to me.

I am interested to hear your thoughts!



helmet_1 by edwinvanbloois, on Flickr

helmet_2 by edwinvanbloois, on Flickr

helmet_3 by edwinvanbloois, on Flickr


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This helmet is a GB one, MKIII. WW2 era.
The flashes on the side are probably tactical or unit markings.
Normally the liner should be dated on the black cross, the shall usually near the chinstraps




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I agree it is a MkIII, which differed from the later MkIV as noted by the rivet placement for the chinstrap. It is higher on the MkIII and this pattern has a liner that can't be as easily removed. This was changed with the MkIV, which allowed the liner to be removed and kept the helmet "watertight" to be used as a wash basin, etc.

The MkIII helmets first saw use at D-Day but mainly by the Canadian troops so this helmet could be a Canadian one. I don't recognize the flash on the side however.


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Thanks chaps! And a MkIII helmet used by the canadians makes sense because they liberated the north of the Netherlands.