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    Swedish Police "kask" pickelhaube

    Welcome Hakke, it's a treat to see your collection of helmets we seldom encounter. Steve
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    Dragoner kokarden sizes

    Haube as previously pictured here: Thanks Bruno, you have seen this before. Steve
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    Dragoner kokarden sizes

    One of my (several) restoration projects is an 1891/95 Prussian Dragoner EM helm in gilt/brass fittings prior to the AKO changing to neusilber. Would this rightfully have 48mm kokarden or larger? Thanks for any info. Steve
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    Schirmutz stiffener

    Depends on if you mean a permanent fix or just an aid for display. A friend has used lengths of stiff plastic pallet banding to support weakened caps with some success - but obviously not as a 'restoration'.
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    Merry Christmas

    WOW Zeb, I opened your picture and thought I was looking in a mirror! Merry Christmas to you too, Steve (needing a beard trim)
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    Prussian Wappen Question

    Not claiming any 'expertise' but I am not seeing the same degree of detail in this piece that I see in my own Prussian wappen examples.
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    Merry Christmas

    A sad thing to lose a special friend Coert, I lost my own dog many years ago and just couldn't face going through that again. I'll never have another now. Our Queen said that grief is the price you pay for love, I have never heard it expressed better.
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    Merci tres beaucoup M.Larcade!

    Thank you gentlemen, it seems I have also become a book collector! Oddly enough I was already aware of Fritz Behrendt for his satirical/political cartoons but never knew about his collection of some very beautiful Haubes.
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    Merci tres beaucoup M.Larcade!

    Recently found a two volume set of Larcade at an unbelievebaly low price and jumped at it - purely as a small Christmas present to myself. On receiving them I could not believe my eyes - a set dedicated to Fritz Behrendt by Larcade himself back in the 80's! The bonus is that my French has...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, and lets hope a much better New Year for all.
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    My third pickelhaube restoration (1916)

    No known cure for Haubitis Traumens USN! Wow Drew, how do you wangle the time off from "household duties", ie: "the management" ? Good luck, Steve.;)
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    Peter Jackson's Collection

    At last! A celebrity who DOESN'T waste their wealth on stupid pointless indulgences - like diamond encrusted super cars. Good for him, a brilliant accomplishment.
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    Officer Tschapka - 1st Bavarian Uhlan-Regiment „Emperor Wilhelm II., King of Prussia“

    Finding an example in such beautiful condition is a real achievement, well done Sandy. Love the moustache by the way!
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    Feldpost karten.

    Yes Coert, please do post them. The World dismisses them as mere 'history', but to me they are real people - only just out of our reach. We should remember them. Steve
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    Feldpost karten.

    I love these little slices of human history, nice to know they are still being preserved, thanks for posting them Coert. Steve