Garde du Korps


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Hello Richard,

sorry, my english is very bad. I only know the German word for "Kammerstück".

I have such a number but not seen on an eagle . It 's just a guess.

Actually, these pieces were stamped under the base plate.

Gruß Dragoner08


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Ok after reading this thread I have been literally having kittens. Based on the advice from Dragooner I grabbed a needle and headed upstairs to my study. Unscrewed the eagle from my helmet and applied the needle point to the metal resulting in a small scratch, numerous times, to see if it was a galvanic copy. Nothing but bright silver..... thank god.

I also brought my eagle from Sergio about five years ago. Looks in every way like several of the ones shown in this thread. I also paid a hefty price for it.

stuka f

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I was offered this GdC, but I have a lot of questions about it.
First of all the liner doesn't seem right to me, what's with all the holes at the base and next to the chinstrap.... and one side seems very dented...
Thanks for you opinion.



I think overall it looks pretty good. The extra holes by the chin scales which have been filled resulted from the helmet being modified from an earlier, taller pattern. Extra holes under the eagle are the result of one or more different spikes/eagles being fitted to it over the years. There may also be extra holes behind the plate. Liners in these earlier helmets are usually of a thick, coarse leather. It has been over polished IMO, but will take on a nice patina with time...