M15 steel helmet Wappen


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A very interesting addition by Chip.




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Here's a couple of shots of a Bavarian frontplate I recently aquired from a friend. It has the screw posts on the backside, with the rabbit-ear style nuts on the posts.

It came off my friend's currasier helmet which he got a lot of grief from everyone on eBay last summer, when he tried to sell it with this frontplate on it. It came that way out of the woodwork. He took this one off, and put an m15 Prussian eagle on it to make the helmet sell.

The helmet shell was not unit marked, as I remember seeing it.

Any thoughts on why this frontplate has this style attachement? I presume it was made that way for use on a metal helmet, the way it was originally found?



Tony without Kaiser

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Ah ha! Alan, compare this Model 1896/1914 Haube:


With this M1915 Haube:


Look familiar?


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Yes, that's it Tony, many thanks! Those are a couple of absolutely spectacular helmets you have. It's great to see them and learn from your pics & descriptions!



I've been to Brussels today, here are two Marine battalion Shako M15 versions. One is "normal" M15. the other is an ersatz?


PS: feel free to use the images in the article!

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These past days I saw the 109th baden for sale on Ebay I think Germany...it is broken but it can be seen it is grey. Maybe some people can look. I did not save it.

Leigh Kitchen

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I posted this a few days ago on a thread re a 1915 pattern Garde tschako, interest shown but no views expressed as yet It appears to be a steel wappen so I'll try posting here:

Does anyone have any views on this badge please?
Good or bad, could it be an insignia for an item other than headgear?
It's presumably a 1915 wappen, given the fact it's of magnetic metal, grey painted, has wire loops as per a wappen but given that the rays of the star actually over lapping the bandeau ( north / south, east / west )are the opposite configuration to the norm ( north west / south east, north east / south west ), is it actually a version of the Garde Jaeger / Schutzen Other Ranks wappen, that of a different unit, a pouch or shabraque ornament or similar, or an out & out fantasy item?
Any views as to what it is or whatever it is, whether it's from the period or a post imperial item please?


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I've got to try to find that older posting. This is a copy of what we have on the site and it comes from Jim Turinetti's research. I do remember seeing a variation on the original star but not on the rays. Love to get other opinions.

Leigh Kitchen

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Thanks, here's a link to the posting that I'd already posted on:

http://www.pickelhaubes.com/bb/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=5838" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

It has examples of variations I was aware of from reading / seeing illustrations in the past - the variation in location of date / wording on the bandeau, two piece construction etc, but I just haven't seen the variation that I'm showing before.

My only other Garde star Wappen items are an officer's tshako minus wappen (which I'm looking to aquire ) & a very thin yellow metal wappen with a thin silver coloured coating on the obverse, "FUR KOENIG" between the upper rays, & flat split pins on the reverse, which I believe is a Hussar busby one.


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Why did I miss this thread!?? :???: VERY nicely done Joe (and all!). Joe, have you ever thought of taking your web pages and compiling them into a book? (yeah, I know, "Ron, you dope, it's been on the market for ten years now...")
To add to Tony's M-15 Unteroffizier Schule question, I have a Saxon marked to a US... came from AOK via ebay I believe.

:D Ron


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Jim looked at this and commented. He corrected a few of my obvious errors including the diagram being dated 1806 instead of the correct 1860.

I think the variation in the Guard star that you've been discussing,
(variation on the sun rays and location of the elements of the banner) is a
case of manufacturing. Another place you see variations due to the
manufacturer is in the "Guard Eagle without the star." It should be an
eagle with a bow tie hilt on the sword and a miniature Guard Eagle on the
tip of the Scepter and the word "Koenig" on the eagle's chest. I have seen
(an own) multiple examples of eagles with an "S" curved hilt on the sword
and a pine cone on the tip of the scepter that I know are correct. I think
it can be attributed to the manufacturer misunderstanding the clothing
regulation or in the case of the Star, the manufacturer's hast to mass
produce the wartime items.

We beat the artichoke/chicken on a stick/bow tie/S-curve to death several years ago. I don't think it was ever catalogued as a picture guide of the variants.


I think I will just keep it as a free resource. Thank you for your kind words but I think Tony's site is more helpful to the average guy. I just wrote some things down as they came to mind. As far as putting it in a book – I will pass. No matter what you do people criticize it. Professionally we used to refer to them as hyenas in the wood line. They stay out of the fire and criticize those that are in it. One person said very prominently that he would not contribute a penny that would find its way into my pocket. Do you now I don't think I've ever made money on a book. Never. And I don't want to make money on this. I have enough money. If we keep it free and open to everyone people will willingly contribute examples. Many people do that regularly. What is sad and unfortunate to me is that if/when there are examples in people's collections they do not offer them. I don't know why but there are people who do that. I don't mean requiring me to ask for a picture but rather a collector's push. I would prefer to share and I'm not trying to take credit for it. Some people do not agree. Anxious fears of copyright infringements have to be actionable – nothing on my website is. I don't physically own that many helmets and I can no longer hold the camera steady but maybe after this next book I will turn my attention back to the website. It needs some help. There seem to be a fair number of people who use it.