M15 steel helmet Wappen


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I can understand that Joe. Any way, you and Tony BOTH have wonderful web sites and both have helped me out as needed.

:D Ron

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joerookery said:
Jim looked at this and commented. He corrected a few of my obvious errors including the diagram being dated 1806 instead of the correct 1860.

I think the variation in the Guard star that you've been discussing,
(variation on the sun rays and location of the elements of the banner) is a
case of manufacturing. Another place you see variations due to the
manufacturer is in the "Guard Eagle without the star." It should be an
eagle with a bow tie hilt on the sword and a miniature Guard Eagle on the
tip of the Scepter and the word "Koenig" on the eagle's chest. I have seen
(an own) multiple examples of eagles with an "S" curved hilt on the sword
and a pine cone on the tip of the scepter that I know are correct. I think
it can be attributed to the manufacturer misunderstanding the clothing
regulation or in the case of the Star, the manufacturer's hast to mass
produce the wartime items.

Thanks , is this quote referring to the thread inclusive of the star that I've posted, or to earlier star discussion only please?
Is it likely / possible that "my" star is merely a manufacturers variation?


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At the age of 76 the original collector Lector Orrick surfaced and made some insightful comments about the original listing from Kaiserzeit Magazine. He wrote this in 1980. That was 36 years ago. Amazing. I would ask each of you to take a look through this and see if we have missed some. It would be lovely to add to Lectors work.

http://www.pickelhauben.net/articles/M15%20Steel.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;