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    Gew. 98 Cleaning Kit - Authentic Imperial Army Issue?

    Thanks for postin the great war issue variant. i have heard of the Tobacootin style, that would cover it.
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    Granatenwerfer 16

    Nice piece, there is a fellow that brings one for the GWA in neuville, he makes his own very good looking rounds and uses .45 Cal blnks to launch them.
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    Some WW1 snaildrums

    Very nice to see the pieces like this. Thanks for sharing Mark
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    Webley & Scott Pistol Self-Loading .455 Mk.I N

    Been awhile since i was on the forum, and this a really nice piece to see. Buetiful piece. mark
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    Issuing what ever was left over in June 1918

    Interesting mix of tunics and pants as well. This may seem a bit odd, buit are those pouches for the first aide or are they the earlier style pre 1909? Nice photo
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    1871 84th Inf Reg Helmet Back from The Dead

    I sit here and am totaly blown awat at your work
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    Blue cloths

    The Rifle units here did not get any different colour then the regular infantry unit, they did get the lovely rifle busby as apposed to the glen or pillbox. nice helmets. mark
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    Three new kinder finds to add to my collection

    there was a similar set of curass and helm in the 1930's film about the Dryefus affair. It was made in hollywood, but they had a sey forr dreyfus's son in the film prior to his arrest ,
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    Three new kinder finds to add to my collection

    really nice to see the kinder collection expanding, and with supererb pieces. mark
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    Artillery piece

    I agree with gus. It is missing the trail that hooked onto the rear of the mount. I have seen a few up here made into monuments , the nicest kept one is Grand Bend Ontario.
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    Dutch Carabinier / cuirassier helmet

    Rareley get to see Dutch militria . Thanks for sharing
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    Latest Kinder Garde helmet

    Very nice additions James . Do you have a complete set of GDC stuff for a kinder yet?
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    AGM now accepts chickens in payment

    I can get you thousands of Pigeons accept those ? :D Mark
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    Only $74

    Agh there alot of good WW1 figures out in lead.Just research ,more companies are starting to get good artists in. mark
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    British Home Service Helmet

    Very nice Peter .I am only used to seeing the Zulu impresion of this unit,but that is a nice peace. mark