2023 SOS

Thanks for the nice photos
I hope that you can show more later
Is one of the photos of Weitze's table ?
It is rare for him to uncover his table before Friday
Hi Steve yes I visited his table, he was there too, he brought another guy which I don't recognise to sell things. I saw Weitze himself is walking around buying stuff.
The 5 pm to 8 pm dealer set up last night has most everyone in the hall running around looking for stuff to buy. You'd be surprised and likely wouldn't believe it unless you were there to see this situation in person. There are maybe 20% of the table holders that have stuff on their tables while most everyone else walks around in a hurry looking for stuff to buy on the smaller percentage of tables that are actually set up and are open for business to sell things. For someone who is attending on Wed evening for the first time as a table helper or a dealer table holder, it might be a bit of a let down to see the situation as it is.

And on Thursday from 8 a.m. to noon it is dealers only and table helpers, and Life Members of OVMS who are the only ones allowed in the hall. You would be surprised how many tables are covered up during this time period because the table holders and table helpers and life members want to look around to find things to buy, versus sitting at their tables trying to sell things. During all of this time period from Wed evening until noon on Thursday, the priority for many in the hall is to go around and look for stuff to buy. Some stay at their tables and don't leave to look around because they want to sell stuff to make money. I've done this a couple of times the last two years I attended, because I wanted to sell stuff more than I wanted to buy stuff initially. There actually are some dealers who don't open their tables up for sales until Friday because they are out looking around in the aisles for things to buy for their collections or for resale purposes all day Thursday. As one example of this type of situation: Helmut Weitze and his helpers do not normally open their tables for business until Friday morning, as I recall. There are others who do the same.

Give the guys some time to be able to take some pics, maybe starting this afternoon after the regular OVMS members are allowed to enter the show, those who don't have dealer table(s) or table helper passes. Everyone's priority for being there is to buy and to sell things they brought to sell, not for taking photos for any of us here, and I don't say that in a bad way. It's just the way it is. Once things calm down for them and they have the time to take some pics and post them, they'll be happy to do so for those of us who aren't at the show. It is actually very time consuming and takes a lot of effort to take the photos and to post them here. And doing so means it takes away from the time to look to find "bargains" and other things that a person actually wants to buy and not miss out on. Again, not saying any of this in a bad way about any of us hoping to see pictures. We simply have to remain patient until they're eventually able to do so for our benefit. So hang in there to all of us who aren't at the show. Brian and James and the gang will do their best as they're able to post photos when possible. :)

Best Wishes,

Alan, you are very right in your analysis. Helmet Weitz opened up for business today Thursday afternoon so wasn't too bad. There are not too many pickelhaubes to buy this year.
Hi Amy, thanks for the update. My oldest friend told me via phone this afternoon that he didn't see very many pickelhaubes there this year also.

My oldest friend picked up a medal bar for me that I needed in order to complete my Junior Officer State Equivalents of the EK2 (Iron Cross 2nd Class). It was a a prearanged deal that was set up before the show with a member of another forum. I had given my friend the money before he left home on Tuesday morning, so he could buy this bar for me. There were only 580 Princely Waldeck Merit Crosses 4th Class with Swords awarded during WW1. The chances for me to find another one of these Waldeck Crosses mounted on a medal bar are very slim, and it will likely be many years before another bar with one of these comes up for sale again. I have seen only 3 bars come up for sale with this cross on it over the past 8-9 years time, and two of the bars were damaged with problems with the ribbons or with missing medals on them.

Here's what mine looks like:

A Waldeck Medal Bar.jpg

I would prefer a medal bar without the Honor Cross 1914-1918 that was instituted in 1934 (sometimes called the "Hindenburg Cross" by collectors). But beggars cannot be choosers with the scarcity of this medal being awarded and seen on any medal bar.

Have fun at the show, and best wishes shopping to everyone from the forum who is at the show!

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There are plenty of Haubes at show for sale, just have to wade through the good and bad. Many helmets under table deals which is how I got most of mine, Deals set up before the show. I sold 10 spiked helmets today on day 1 so I am happy

There are plenty of Haubes at show for sale, just have to wade through the good and bad. Many helmets under table deals which is how I got most of mine, Deals set up before the show. I sold 10 spiked helmets today on day 1 so I am happy

And thanks for selling me the Prussian Officer's Reserve Wappen remotely via Brian! Much appreciated and to you too Brian.
I am stuck in -27 Celsius weather (-16.6 Fahrenheit) in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada doing an exercise with the military. Lord Strathconas Horse (Royal Canadians). But it gets worse, off to Shilo, Manitoba on Saturday which is like the Russian steppes. Enjoy the show everyone!