My 2 - 1/2 Year Project


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Very nice indeed! I used to do a lot of scale modelling, but my hands do not work as they used to.
Here is my last project, a British WW1 tank.
Greetings, Coert. :) (y)


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It is an EMHAR product, but I just saw that they only produce the Mk V now. My model is the Mk IV, but they discontinued that version.
It is the socalled Hermaphrodite version, with the six-pounder gun on one side, (Male version), and the Lewis gun on the other side, (Female version). Scale is 1:35. Here a picture of the Mk V kit emhar is still selling. They have lots of nice models in their catalogue, so check them out if you want to make more models.
MkIV Hermaphrodite EMHAR 1.jpg
Have fun making your Mk IV, and a good weekend to you John.

Greetings, Coert. (y)


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Thanks Guys.
It means a lot .

Your Mk IV does look good.
If I ever get caught up I will start a 1/18 WW1 line starting with the A7V then do a Mk IV as well.


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Thank you for the information on the manufacture of the Mk IV. Your Emhar looks great. I have a Takom MK IV I bought some time back, time to pull it out.